Zortrax Z-NYLON/ 1.75mm/ Natural/  2000 g ± 5%

Zortrax Z-NYLON/ 1.75mm/ Natural/ 2000 g ± 5%

Z-PETG / 1.75mm/ 800 g ± 5%

Z-PETG / 1.75mm/ 800 g ± 5%

Zortrax Z-FLEX/ Black/ 1.75mm / 800 g ± 5%

Z-FLEX is a thermoplastic polyester elastomer that can be 3D printed at a relatively fast rate of 45mm/s. The filament has great interlayer adhesion and dimensional tolerance falling below +/- 0,02 mm. Z-FLEX is elastic, can bend without breaking, and is resistant to various chemicals including gasoline, ethyl alcohol, butane, and carbon monoxide.
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Compared to Z-SEMIFLEX, this filament is a little more elastic and has more rubber-like texture. Besides being able to withstand temperatures as high as 70°C, it can maintain its integrity in low temperatures reaching -40°C. Z-FLEX is perfect for 3D printing parts intended to be bent frequently like tires, elastic hinges, or gaskets.


  • Elastic hinges
  • Gaskets
  • Rubber-like figurines
  • Prototypes of tires
  • Bands
  • Bracelets
  • Phone cases

A shock absorber dust cover.A shock absorber dust cover 3D printed with Z-FLEX to obtain both flexibility and high chemical resistance of the part.

Technical Specifications
Size 1.75mm
Product Weight 800 g ± 5%
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