Z-PETG / 1.75mm/ 800 g ± 5%

Z-PETG / 1.75mm/ 800 g ± 5%

Z-SEMIFLEX / 1.75mm / 800 g ± 5%

Z-SEMIFLEX / 1.75mm / 800 g ± 5%

Z-ULTRAT / 1.75mm/ 2000 g ± 5%

Durable and Precise

A highly durable 3D printing filament perfect for impact resistant end-use parts and complex prototypes. Works with Z-SUPPORT Plus, a high-temperature PVA support material, to guarantee precise and durable 3D prints.

Compatible with: Z-SUPPORT Premium
Container: Spool
Diameter: 1.75 mm
Netto weight: 2000 g ± 5%
Dedicated for:
Zortrax M300 Dual

Availability: In stock

High-temperature ABS Filament

Z-ULTRAT Plus is a durable ABS-based material compatible with Z-SUPPORT Plus, a high-temperature PVA support filament. Perfect for 3D printing high-quality end-use parts and complex mechanisms. Compared to standard ABS, Z-ULTRAT Plus 3D printing material has better layer adhesion and higher impact resistance.

Main Features:

  • High durability
  • Industrial prototyping
  • Improved layer adhesion


ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer)
Additives and colorants


  • Intricate constructions made of multiple elements
  • Complex moving mechanisms
  • Detailed architectural mock-ups
  • Small elements rich in details
  • Models with complicated organic shapes, difficult to obtain by traditional methods


Technical Specifications
Weight 500 grams
Size 1.75mm
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