PLA Pink

PLA Pink

1.75mm PLA Pastel Blue 0.75kg

1.75mm PLA Pastel Blue 0.75kg

PLA Pastel Pink

Top notch filament made easy

  • Works with your 3D printer.
  • No more entangling.
  • All color goodness you may ever need.
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PLA Pink-175


Octofiber PLA is produced from pure PLA and carefully monitored pigments and is processed under the highest quality controls. This ensures a consistent product, with accurate printed objects as a result. PLA is well known for its good 3D printing properties and is suitable for many applications like household appliances, toys and decorations.

Octofiber Features:

Innovative Easy-to-Handle packaging

Produced under the highest quality standards

Stunning colors and effects currently available, in ABS, PETG and PLA.

Works with most filament based 3D printers

Technical Specifications
Bed Temperature 55 °C
Printing Speed 30-60mm/s
Nozzle Temperature 210 °C
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