PETG Solid Black

PETG Solid Black

PETG Solid Grey 2.85mm

PETG Solid Grey 2.85mm

PETG Solid Grey

PETG Characteristics

Odorless;little shrinkage rate;

Hydrophobicity(Will not absorb water and as such clog the extruders);

Outstanding toughness and high impact strength;

Good liquidity(flows smoothly);

High mechanical strength and excellent flexibility;

High transparency;Good gloss;Recyclable.

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eSun PETG filament Solid Grey 1.75 mm 1000 g for 3D printers.

eSun filament gives you an affordable material with consistent quality.

PET-G (Polyethyleentereftalaatglycol) is a very strong, water resistant thermoplastic, with beautiful shiny result. PET is a well known plastic, as it's mostly used in production of soda bottles. In recent years this material has become a very popular material for 3D printing as it combines a number of great properties of both ABS and PLA. Printing with PETG is almost as easy as PLA and requires little more effort. As the bonding with itself is very strong, the first layer should be squished as much as PLA, as the material may blob around the nozzle ruining your print. The layer adhesion is great, making the end result very strong, and bendable instead of breakable as opposed to PLA. PETG doesn't adhere very well to other materials, as glue doesn't have much grip on the material. Another great property of PETG is that the neutral pallets are almost glass like transparent, giving us the opportunity to deliver awesome translucent colors.

PETG can be printed with or without heated bed with little to no warping, using Magigoo, We recommend using a 65 degrees heated bed however, as the print will come loose automatically when cooling down. For extrusion temperature 245 is the optimum temperature, as lower temperature will result in more stringiness and worse adhesion. During printing no distinguishable smell should be noticed, however we do recommend to print in a well ventilated area.

Technical Specifications
Weight 1Kg
Size 1.75mm
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