MD - 16

High Stability Printing Size 160*160*160mm

MD-16 Metal Education 3D Printer on Aerospace Design

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MD - 16

Advantages of MINGDA metal education 3d printer:

  • High Stability + High Quality + High Accuracy + Fast Speed + Beautiful and High-End Design + Diversity Products + Convenient Operation 
  • Classical and fluent exterior, seamless, curve chamfer design.
  • Counter-sunk screws, safer and more beautiful.
  • Gold anodized shell highlight the noble quality.
  • It is compact and lightweight, is the most reliable machine.
  • The circular orbit and linear shaft of metal education 3D printer, make it more stable, minimize printing error.
  • 20 degree tilt big touch screen built into bottom of the MD-16 3D printer, English surface, easy operation, high improved the user experience.
  • MD-16 have a solid body, high quality spare parts, 100% flat heating bed.
  • Chassis stability, vibration, it is very stable.
  • High quality no block PEEK nozzle, easily disassembling. Won't cause scald when using.



MD-16 metal education 3D printer is known as creative manufacturing and rapid prototype, which has been widely used in the following applications:

  • Education and research
  • Architectural design
  • Animation toys
  • Injection molding


Technical Specifications
Shipping box dimensions 660*500*850mm
Nozzle diameter

0.4mm MINGDA patent nozzle

Heated Bed 10mm Aluminum heat bed
Connectivity USB / SD Card (recommended by us)
Supported files STL, STP, OBJ, G-Code
Support material PLA, ABS, ASA, HIPS, Flexible/TPU, Wood, Nylon, Copper, Carbon Fiber, Aluminum etc.
Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Mac OX
Language Support English
Input 95-265V, 50/60Hz
Printing Speed 0-200mm/s (adjustable)
Printing Size 160*160*160mm
Layer thickness 0.05-0.3mm
Machine Dimension 380*380*380mm
N.W/G.W 13 KG/ 20 KG
Frame Material High-end Stainless Steel
Display and Controller 3.5 inch LCD touch screen
Step motor MINGDA brand 57 stepper motor gear
Gross Power 350W
Nozzle Temperature 275 degree
Platform Temperature 110 degree
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