M- Jewelry U60

M- Jewelry U60

M-One Pro D70

M-One Pro D70

M-One Pro D40

M-One pro series was born for industrial production demand.Equipped with powerful HD DLP light source, high-end industrial lead screw to deliver a truly impressive surface finish.Wi-Fi connectivity and touch screen control make it highly-qualified with high efficiency.

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Multiple Choices for Dentistry

Extreme accuracy, high throughput and a smooth surface finish is what M-One pro dental series can do. They deliver tight fitting crowns, and orthodontic models.

Custom-Built for 3D Printing

At the core of each M-One Pro is our patented UV DLP projector, MHD-1. We created MHD-1 so every M-One Pro could be equipped with a well-calibrated, long-lasting projector. MHD-1 hits the correct light wavelength consistently across the build platform for improved resin-curing control and dimensional stability

Technical Specifications
General dimensions 380×320×490mm
Product Weight 8kg
Technology DLP
Build Volume 80×46×170mm
Connectivity Wi-Fi,Internet & USB Drive
Operating temperature 18-28 °C (Avoid Direct Sunlight)
Operating Systems Windows,Mac,Linux


X-Y axis resolution 42.5μm (Pro 40)
Light source Industrial HD UV-LED Light Engine
Lifespan 50,000Hrs
Layer thickness 5-150μm
Touch Screen 7’’
Working Voltage 110V-240V
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