1. How to Use a 3D Printing Farm to Manufacture Lamps

    • LimeLite is a lighting manufacturer with nearly 23 years of experience in the business.
    • The company has introduced three lighting collections made on Zortrax 3D printers.
    • LimeLite's has set up a 3D printing farm with over 30 3D printers working almost 24/7.

    LimeLite is an Australian company making lighting fixtures on a 3D printing farm of nearly 30 Zortrax M200 and M200 Plus 3D printers. It was founded back in 1996 and quickly expanded into one of the largest lighting manufacturers in the country with a national distribution network of agents. With three already functioning manufacturing facilities, setting up a 3D printing farm to complement them was a step taken to create more value for institutional customers and build up the LimeLite’s offer targeted at decorative lighting market.

    Consultants Turned Manufacturers

    LimeLite began as a consulting and distribution company advising custom

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  2. IDEX Technology for low volume batch production: Doubling productivity at the BCN3D Print Farm

    BCN3D has proven that additive manufacturing is the most cost-effective solution for producing low volume batches, including 47 3D printed plastic pieces in each manufactured 3D printer. To optimize its fabrication, BCN3D uses the IDEX technology, doubling printer production capacity compared to conventional desktop 3D printers. Those pieces are made at the BCN3D Print Farm, a farm built with 63 BCN3D 3D printers working 24/7.

    Low volume batch production at the BCN3D Print Farm

    BCN3D designs and manufactures professional desktop 3D printers, the BCN3D Sigma, and the BCN3D Sigmax. Each machine has 47 plastic pieces manufactured using additive manufacturing at the BCN3D Print Farm. The

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  3. PLA: 3D Printing Materials Overview

    PLA is perhaps the most popular material when it comes to 3D printing. It has several in demand applications and almost all FDM 3D printers nowadays can print with PLA. Read further to learn about how you can use this thermoplastic, how to set up your ZMorph 3D printer, and what are the mechanical properties.
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