High quality industrial 3D printer with enclosed stainless metal steel

Professional FDM 3D printer with industrial linear guide rail axis

High precision 3D printer for large 3D printing models

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Inner Structure of Professional FDM 3D Printer

  • Concise and fluent exterior, seamless, Curve Chamfer design
  • Counter-sunk screws, more safe and beautiful
  • Full linear guide rail, more precision than rods on X / Y / Z axis, thus 3d printing smooth plastic prototype.
  • 57 Stepper motor, gear and 3M high quality hardware, no worry about consuming parts.
  • Modular designed parts, flameproof wire and cables.
  • 16mm diameter Dual ball screws on both sides, rather than single screw at 8/10/12mm
  • 15mm thickness heating bed, power 1000W, heating faster, keep flat during long time heating
  • 5 inch LCD touch color screen display with English & Chinese language settings, friendly UI interface
  • Detection of filaments breaking or used out, resume printing after inserting new filament.
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), resume printing after interruption


The advantages of MINGDA 3D printer

  • The overall steel metal structure and thicker heating bed, super high stability and durability.
  • Modular design for motor assembly, heater, temperature sensors, all of them have connectors, high quality.
  •  All X,Y and Z axes are linear guide rail, high accuracy and strong stability during printing
  • Filament sensor,if filament used up, machine will stop working, keep memory and continue to print after installing the new filament
  • Vary filament available, full metal enclosed machine structure help raise the temperature of nozzle and hot bed effectively, that is easily to print with PLA, ABS, Nylon, Wood, Copper and other filaments.
  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply): When power off, machine will stop working and keep memory for 24 hours. When power on, it will continue to print. This feature benefit for printing large objects
  • 57 stepper motor gear and imported Belt, help print more precise
  • Using tank chain to protect the cables / wires
  • Industrial pure copper nozzle melt the material faster



MD 5H works with a strong customer and partner base in diverse sectors such as aerospace, consumer packaging, hearing aid, dental, consumer electronics, auto manufacturing, architectural and design companies.


Technical Specifications
General dimensions 595*445*975mm
Shipping box dimensions 660*500*1190mm
Nozzle diameter

0.4mm MINGDA patent nozzle

Heated Bed 10mm Aluminum heat bed
Connectivity USB / SD Card (recommended by us)
Supported files STL, STP, OBJ, G-Code
Support material PLA, ABS, ASA, HIPS, Flexible/TPU, Wood, Nylon, Copper, Carbon Fiber, Aluminum etc.
Operating Systems Linux, Mac OS
Language Support English
Input 95-265V, 50/60Hz
Printing Speed 0-200mm/s (adjustable)
Printing Size 300*200*500mm
Layer thickness 0.05-0.3mm
N.W/G.W 51 KG/73 KG
Frame Material High-end Stainless Steel
Display and Controller 5.0 inch LCD touch screen
Step motor MINGDA brand 57 stepper motor gear
Gross Power 700W
Nozzle Temperature 275 degree
Platform Temperature 110 degree
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